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01932 267090


30 Monument Green, Weybridge, KT13 8QW


Providing you with all of the tools you need to overcome anxiety and transform your life.

Fear &


Children & Teenagers

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Here's a list of everything that We Can Help You With

Wellbeing Therapy provides a number of therapeutic solutions (Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & Trauma Therapy & Counselling) to help you overcome a range of issues that may be of councern to you or persons close to you.  Please click the links bellow to find out more.

I use a combination of Hypnosis and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to help with all forms of anxiety including :

Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Phobias and unresolved trauma.  

Stop smoking in Weybridge & Walton.

Let me help you to stop smoking quickly and easily in just one session.  This includes a free 'booster' session.

£160 for my hypnotherapy to stop smoking cessation.

I can help you with everything from snakes to needles, to dentists and fear of flying.

I'm helping people every day to overcome their fears/phobias and to move forward om a positive and healthy way.

Weight Loss

Integrating Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness with excercise and the best nutrititional advice.  This method can help you to lose weight in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

Is alcohol affecting your life? I can help you change any reliance on alcohol you may have and finally make the changes you want to see in your life.

The mind and body are linked in the same way different parts of a computer are linked. Your mind tells your body what movements to make and your body tells your mind what it is seeing, feeling etc. I help bring these two together for optimal performance.

Hypnosis is not just a tool for adults. Children are ideal candidates for hypnosis as their vivid imaginations help them to enter in to a hypnotic state easily and allows them to achieve exceptional benefits from hypnosis.

 Post Traumatic Stress

I can help you resolve your PTSD.

I specialise in Traumatic Incident Reduction for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other forms of trauma

You can resolve your drug and alcohol addiction with hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapies along with our help and support.

Meet  Joel Cantor

Joel is a full time professional Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist for all anxiety disorders and a Traumatic Incident Reduction TIR Specialist for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and all other forms of trauma

Joel helps his clients to Stop Smoking, reduce their anxiety and stress, overcome depression, phobias, fears and insomnia, increase their confidence, self esteem and lose weight.

He works with clients of all ages, including children from the age of 10, and adults all the way up into their 80's and from all walks of life.

What our Clients Say



I smoked for nearly 40years and had never managed to shake the habit. I had one session with Joel and have been happily smoke free ever since !

Joel was incredibly professional, warm and helped in his work by a beautiful speaking voice that put me completely at ease. I would recommend his services wholeheartedly.


Walton on Thames

Had a number of sessions with Joel Cantor regarding anxiety and alcohol. As well as being hypnotised, I was given a number of mindfulness techniques which have helped me which have proved to be life changing.


Walton on Thames

Contacted Joel for my insomnia with great results after the second session. The techniques he gave me are incredibly effective. Thank you very much indeed.

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