Therapy for Physical, Emotional and Domestic Abuse

At Weybridge Therapy, I work with many clients,
providing therapy for Domestic Abuse,
both physical and mental and for victims of violent crime

Regain and Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

I can help you overcome the trauma associated with abuse. I work with clients virtually or from my practice in Weybridge, Surrey, where I offer therapy for Domestic Abuse or to aid victims of violent crime.

Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse and violence occur when a person consistently aims to control their partner through physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. It can affect anyone of any age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. It may include behaviours meant to scare, physically harm, or control a partner.

Insults, threats, emotional abuse, and sexual coercion all constitute domestic violence. Some perpetrators may use children, pets, or other family members as emotional leverage to get their victims to do what they want.

Abusers are often prone to bouts of intense jealousy, accusing their partner of cheating without any reason or needing to know where their partner is at all times.

Abusers will often try to isolate their victims from family, friends, work, and any other outside sources of support. They will usually have explosive tempers and become violent during an abusive episode. The next day, they may become remorseful and try to entice their partner back with charm and affection and promise to change, but the abusive behaviour rarely stops.

In short, abusive behaviour centres around control and power.

A victim of domestic violence will often experience diminished self-worth, anxiety, depression, and a general sense of helplessness and hopelessness. With time and professional support, all these feelings can be overcome. I will help you feel empowered and able to extract yourself from the abusive relationship.

What are the consequences of this form of abuse?

Domestic violence is the most common cause of injury for women, leading to even more injuries than car accidents. Whether or not the physical consequences are long or short-term, there will often be lasting psychological consequences that may include depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

However, domestic abuse does not solely involve abuse against women. According to a UK study, it is estimated that nine per cent of men may also experience domestic abuse. This can include stalking, sexual assault and physical violence. Another research study suggests that this figure could be as high as 28 per cent.

Therapy to help you rebuild:

I help survivors gradually rebuild their self-esteem, providing a non-judgmental support system of therapy. We may work together using Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Trauma Therapy, or a combination of modalities.

This combination of therapies can help survivors in the aftermath of abuse and provide a framework for moving beyond the trauma positively and healthily.

Crime and Street Violence:

Street crime and, in particular, the prevalence of knife crime are creating an atmosphere of fear, and in some high-crime areas, some people are afraid to go out during the day, let alone at night.

Just the fear of crime can be enough to cause mental health issues such as extreme anxiety.

So, whether you are the victim of violent crime and suffering from post-traumatic stress, or you are finding that the fear of street crime is impacting your mental health and well-being, I can help alleviate feelings of fear and enable you to start living your life to the full once again.

If you’re a victim of crime or abuse and need help regaining and rebuilding your self-esteem, I can help. I work with clients locally in Weybridge and throughout the UK.

Meet  Joel Cantor

Joel is a full time professional Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist and Trauma specialist.

He is professionally trained and insured and has spent well over a decade helping people just like you.

Joel helps his clients to stop smoking, reduce their anxiety and stress, overcome depression, phobias, fears and insomnia, increase their confidence, self esteem and lose weight.

He displays a relaxed and non judgemental approach and works with clients of all ages and genders, including children.

Fears &


Children & Teenagers

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

What our Clients Say



Saw Joel 3 weeks ago to stop smoking and have not touched a cigarette since. Don't even feel like smoking so that is all good. Well worth the trip from Bracknell
Paula - Bracknell


Walton on Thames

My 11 years old son is troubled with anxiety which at times has been very severe. With the pressures of SATs and a school trip abroad, Joel used hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques to prepare him. My son surprised his parents, teachers and friends with his calm, confident and mature approach to the challenges he faced.


Walton on Thames

Contacted Joel for my insomnia with great results after the second session. The techniques he gave me are incredibly effective. Thank you very much indeed

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