Take Control of Alcohol

Reduce or stop drinking alcohol today

Hypnosis and Mindfulness for the treatment to Stop or reduce alcohol consumption

People who drink excessively often feel tired of feeling controlled by alcohol and want to break free from the cycle of addiction. 

Experienced hypnotherapist Joel Cantor helps guide people on their journey to sobriety using a safe and natural approach. Mindfulness and hypnosis have the power to effectively alter the neurophysiological networks capable of rewiring certain patterns and conditioning. It is an effective treatment for excessive drinking by helping people overcome cravings for alcohol and teaching them how to relax and control their thoughts. 

Mindfulness and hypnosis:

  • Rewires neurophysiological networks responsible for certain patterns and conditioning
  • Helps to control and regulate thoughts and emotions
  • Reduces cravings for alcohol
  • Promotes relaxation and stress reduction
  • Helps to overcome dependence on alcohol
  • Enhances self-awareness and self-control
  • Reduces the negative consequences of drinking such as hangovers, guilt, and shame
  • Increases the chances of successful long-term recovery
  • Offers a natural and effective alternative to traditional addiction treatments
  • Empowers individuals to take control of their lives and create a brighter future

Schedule a free consultation today and discover the power of hypnosis to help stop drinking and live a happier, healthier life.

What my Clients Say


My alcohol consumption had been on a steady rise throughout the lockdowns and working from home just gave me an excuse to drink whenever I felt like it. I knew it wasnt doing me any good and I just wanted to get healthy again.

Joel provided me with the help needed. I did six sessions of Hypnotherapy mixed with Mindful meditation. I enjoyed the sessions and found I looked forward to them.

Joel explained everything in a down to earth way and it just immediately made sense to me. I havent touched alcohol now for over three months and I feel so much better for it. It was much easier than I had ever imagined it could be.

Many thanks Joel


I decided to try hypnotherapy to reinforce my decision to stop drinking alcohol. Its has proved to be extremely effective and I am thrilled with the results. Joel is a great listener and has gone over and above the level of service I could ever have hoped for. I highly recommend giving hypnotherapy with Joel a try, its made a positive impact on my life, I only wish I had gone to him sooner.

Walton on Thames

Had a number of sessions with Joel Cantor regarding anxiety and alcohol. As well as being hypnotised, I was given a number of mindfulness techniques which have helped me which have proved to be life changing.

Meet  Joel Cantor

Joel is a full time professional Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist and Trauma specialist.

He is professionally trained and insured and has spent well over a decade helping people just like you.

Joel helps his clients to stop smoking, reduce their anxiety and stress, overcome depression, phobias, fears and insomnia, increase their confidence, self esteem and lose weight.

He displays a relaxed and non judgemental approach and works with clients of all ages and genders, including children.

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