Providing you with all of the tools you need to overcome anxiety and transform your life.

Fear &


Children & Teenagers

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Help Is Available To Treat The Following Issues

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I use a combination of Hypnosis and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to help with all forms of anxiety including : Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety & General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Stop smoking in Weybridge & Walton.
Let me help you to stop smoking quickly and easily in just one session.

Includes a Free booster session.

Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness can help you find relief from your phobias.

Everything from snakes to needles, to dentists to fear of flying and more.

Integrating Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness with exercise and the best nutritional advice.

Forget diets - time to do something that might actually help.

Free yourself from your reliance on Drugs and Alcohol and finally make the changes you really want for your life

Let’s help you to optimise your performance.

A combination of Hypnosis, Mindfulness & NLP to help you achieve the success that you’ve worked so hard for

Hypnotherapy as well as Mindfulness practice can help you to find relief from many painful conditions, including digestive pain, a common example being IBS.

Post Traumatic Stress

Resolve your PTSD. I specialise in the use of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) for the treatment of all forms of Trauma

Find out why Hypnosis is such a safe and powerful form of therapy.

All your questions answered.

When left untreated anxiety can sometimes lead to depression. Take the first step now toward developing a positive mindset and enjoying your life once again.

I can help you to put an end to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and habits such as Nail Biting, Hair Pulling and Teeth Grinding.

Begin to understand what exactly Mindfulness involves, and why so many people find it such an interesting, enjoyable and rewarding form of Therapy.

Difficulty with sleeping is a common issue for many people at some point in their lives. Regardless of the reason - there is really no need to loose any more sleep

Realise the benefits available to you through the use of Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy. Transform the way in which you experience stress and reduce your anger response to it.

Over recent years I have used Skype, and now Zoom, to successfully connect with clients both here and abroad. Find out if online therapy can be of benefit to you.

Meet  Joel Cantor

Joel is a full time professional Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapist and Trauma specialist.

He is professionally trained and insured and has spent well over a decade helping people just like you.

Joel helps his clients to Stop Smoking, reduce their anxiety and stress, overcome depression, phobias, fears and insomnia, increase their confidence, self esteem and lose weight.

He displays a relaxed and non judgemental approach and works with clients of all ages and genders, including children.

Joel helps his clients to Stop Smoking, reduce their anxiety and stress, overcome depression, phobias, fears and insomnia, increase their confidence, self esteem and lose weight.

He works with clients of all ages, including children from the age of 10, and adults all the way up into their 80's and from all walks of life.

What our Clients Say



I smoked for nearly 40years and had never managed to shake the habit. I had one session with Joel and have been happily smoke free ever since !

Joel was incredibly professional, warm and helped in his work by a beautiful speaking voice that put me completely at ease. I would recommend his services wholeheartedly.


Walton on Thames

Had a number of sessions with Joel Cantor regarding anxiety and alcohol. As well as being hypnotised, I was given a number of mindfulness techniques which have helped me which have proved to be life changing.


Walton on Thames

Contacted Joel for my insomnia with great results after the second session. The techniques he gave me are incredibly effective. Thank you very much indeed.

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